My name is Gary Hunt and this blog is devoted to collaborative discussion of the civic choices we face in our national, state and local future.  I hope you will join in to enliven the discussion.

Civic Choices is a spin-off from my primary business blog Zap Crackle Pop.  Over time, I found mixing my business views on energy strategy and transformation with more opinionated views on politics and civic issues distracted me and my readers from the reasons they chose to visit the blog.  Thus the decision to create separate blogs for separate purposes including:

  • SNL Interactive. I write a weekly commentary on energy, technology and environmental issues for SNL, the Virgina-based financial data services company.  If you are a subscriber to SNL look for my commentary in the BLOGS section typically in Energy Current, TheGrid, or Clean&Green blogs.
  • Zap Crackle Pop is my primary business blog used to provide commentary and insight on changes in the energy industry and their implications for my clients.
  • Discernable Futures is a blog focused on the Episcopal Church and the mission and ministry issues in the Diocese of California and my own parish at St. Timothy’s in Danville. It is also a source of information on church planning, stewardship and growth strategies, program ministry, and scenarios of the DioCal Future used for strategic planning.
  • Civic Choices is the new venue for political commentary and debate on the civic issues we face as a nation, in California and around the world.  I will use it for my rants and raves and welcome feedback and debate from others on the issues at hand.
  • Church Growth Program is an initiative of the Episcopal Diocese of California focused on strategies for growing the church, expanding its attractiveness to the unchurched and underserved without losing our spiritual connection to God and His son Jesus Christ in our lives.  Church decline is a problem for all the mainline protestant denominations.  We are inventing new ways to do church.  We are re-imagining the church from worship to mission and ministry.   We are building the faith foundation of our children.  We are serving God in the ways we know best, but doing His work every day in the hearts and lives of the people we touch.

My ‘day job’ is running Scalable Growth Strategy Advisors assisting CEOs and management teams of cleantech, energy consulting, advisory or information services companies leverage recurring revenue business models, product strategies and M&A transactions for scalable, sustainable growth.

You can contact me by email at: ghunt94526@gmail.com or by phone at 925-352-8548.

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