Fiscal Farce


President Obama returned from his holiday vacation to meet with Congressional leaders in an effort to resolve the differences between the parties over the ‘fiscal cliff’ issues.


Big surprise—no deal?


Why?  Because no serious negotiations are really going on.  President Obama has demonstrated he really isn’t interested in a deal unless, of course, he gets his way.  The Speaker could not get his Republican colleagues in the House of Representatives to sign on to his Plan B which would have conceded revenue growth by raising taxes on those making more than $ 1million while extending the tax cuts, eliminating the hated alternative minimum tax and few other sweeteners.  Why?  Because the Republicans realized Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had no intention of taking up the bill in the Senate thus leaving them exposed for having voted to raise taxes with nothing to show for it.


Now that the White House meeting failed to produce any progress, the ball bounces to the Senate to take action.




Yes, this is the same Senate that has not passed a budget bill in nearly four years.  Yes, this is the Senate that Harry Reid has prevented from considering virtually any of the bills the House has passed to address these issues over the past year.


So what’s different now?  Not a darn thing except time is running out.


The public reaction seems to be


‘ A pox on both your houses—and the White house too!’


So here we are waiting for one side to blink!


This is a big fiscal farce.  The only thing you can count on if that when they do finally agree to pass something expect it to be larded up with pork  for every special interest known to man—except you and me!





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