Al Gore Calls Global Warming Skeptics Racists

12 16 09 Bearman Cartoon Global Warming Heat Miser

One day climate change skeptics will be seen in the same negative light as racists.”—Al Gore

That was the story from an Al Gore video interview published recently on UStream TV online.  Obviously it was designed to be provocative because the climate change folks have little left in their arsenal after climategate revealed that the global warming theory was based upon “cooked” science, academic bullying and bravado.

Al Gore is a smart guy and surely he realizes he cannot resurrect the once frenzied concern about global warming, err—climate crisis, err—climate change (insert politically correct name du jour here) so easily. So he’s doing what has worked before in so many political campaigns—he’s playing the race card, as Bill Clinton might say.  But having seen that dirty trick used before we no longer accept it as fact.

Al Gore can still get headlines with his bombastic rhetoric but mostly on slow news days these days.  The video is likely to haunt Al Gore someday soon much like the old wizard revealed behind the curtain as a trickster.

But unlike Dorothy who believed, we no longer believe.

The Daily Caller picked up this story and ran it on one of its slow news days when nothing more could possibly be said about President Obama’s vacation.  But if Gore did the interview, as he claimed, to try to reclaim the conversation from the skeptics it did not appear to be working out too well for him by judging from the comments posted.

Whether history judges Al Gore as a new Paul Revere warning of crisis ahead or an old snake oil salesman peddling junk science and politically correct policies remains to be seen.

We do know this:  The more interviews Al Gore gives on this topic the less we believe it.


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