How Big is It?

Anthony Weiner
Image via Wikipedia

I’m not talking about THAT!

I’m talking about the scandal surrounding Congressman Anthony Weiner over a Tweet.  Whether the Congressman was ‘hacked’ as he suggests but has not formally complained to authorities about or just got caught flirting in his boxer ‘drawers,’ there are lessons for all of us in the Congressman’s embarrassing incident:

  1. What we do on the internet is discoverable yet stuff happens every day that surprises us.
  2. There is a very fine line between flirting and OMG what have I done!
  3. This will happen again!

I confess I am conflicted about Congressman Weiner’s situation.  You know, with a name like that the man has been subject to teasing and torment his entire life.  He probably has learned to ignore it and occasionally, given his generally loquacious style dished it back to his tormenters in language we cannot print on these pages.   So on those grounds let’s cut him a little slack.

On the other hand, Weiner is an in your face kind of guy and his political posturing and bullying in the media make him both a keen subject to interview—he does make headlines—and an easy target for gotcha.  His stridency is so New York.  His arrogance is so Washington.  His mistake if he has committed one is so humanly humbling. So let’s cut him a little slack on this count as well.

Without knowing the facts, we all think we know what happened here and why the Congressman is being so coy about it.  OK, we get it—he’s embarrassed.  He’s getting roasted for it.  He will be ‘in the doghouse’ for some time both at work and at home.  This too shall pass, but he can probably kiss goodbye being Speaker of the House—but Governor of New York, maybe.

Will someone just tell him to shut up and keep his pants on!


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