Goldstone’s Shame

South African judge Richard Goldstone. Photo b...
Image via Wikipedia

In a Washington Post Op-Ed piece, Richard Goldstone seeks to spin the obvious flaws in the Goldstone Report he prepared for a UN eager for bad news to continue its campaign to smear Israel by saying that “if I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document.”

The Goldstone Report was rubbish then and Goldstone’s attempt to distance himself from its obvious flawed conclusions is an attempt to reclaim his discredited reputation for the original sin.

The Goldstone Report alleged evidence of potential war crimes and “possibly crimes against humanity” by both Israel and Hamas. The report equated the accidental “collateral damage” done by Israeli response to Hamas’ persistent intentional mortar fire purposefully aimed at Israeli civilians.

The Israeli government responded to the report allegations with investigations holding military and civilian officials to account for their actions.  As you can guess there was little due process investigation about Hamas actions.

Political correctness is a sin of politics that should be exposed and labeled for what it is not explained away by “if I had known then” excuses for behavior now clearly inexcusable.

Goldstone, thankfully, must live with his shame for surely he will not be absolved of it by the facts.


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