US EPA and the Five Fictions

Spilled Milk Felon Escapes

US EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson made a rare appearance on Capitol Hill March 10th unable to avoid running the gauntlet any longer over growing criticisms of overreach by her agency.  She tried her best to deny the allegations and diffuse expected criticism by taking on the “five fictions” as she called them about EPA intent.

Those five fictions are that EPA seeks to:

  1. Impose a so-called “cow tax,” in which emissions from cows will be regulated.
  2. Regulate spilled milk under regulations for oil containment facilities
  3. Expand regulations on dust from farms
  4. Regulations blocking pesticides from drifting away from farms
  5. Impose limits on pollution from “nutrients” like fertilizer and animal manure.

Do you see a pattern here?  This was not the energy and utility crowd going after Ms Jackson.  It was not the coal or natural gas or oil lobby.  It was not truckers or auto manufacturers.

No!  Lisa let her agency step in the farm business and she is having a tough time getting it off her shoes. She did her best to deny that EPA was engaged in any of these ‘regulatory fictions’ but the facts were clear to the farmers, ranchers and their lobbyists who had successful beat back attempt to impose new rules in each of these areas.

They were only too happy to give the Republicans in Congress the ammunition to throw manure on the EPA attempts to go after them and make sure the stink sticks long enough to convince Ms Jackson to leave them alone.


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