What were they Thinking!!!!

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In the I can’t believe they could be this stupid department, the California Public Utilities commission has created a “foundation” to enable the utilities it regulates to contribute money to assist the Commission which is running short of cash in the midst of the state’s budget crunch.

The report surfaced today in the San Francisco Chronicle Matier & Ross column which covers politics when it got wind of a big dinner planned to coincide with the CPUC’s 100th anniversary.  According to the report utilities are buying $20,000 tables at the dinner.  State Senator Mark Leno called the whole thing “rather unseemly” but two newly appointed CPUC commissioners who happen to be consumer advocates at first said they would not be attending but seem to have changed their minds.

So if you have a spare $20,000 you would like to contribute to the CPUC they will take your money but it will not have any effect on their decisions—they promise!


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