WikiLeaks Embarrassment is Good News

The Wikileaks release of thousands of purloined US Government emails and communications is certainly an embarrassment for the Government.  But let’s hope that egg on the face of officials will result is better security for its “secrets”.

While the US Government should pursue, prosecute and make examples of those responsible for the leaks, it also should take steps to avoid the situation where a single person can make off with such sensitive information.  Surely that is not too much to ask of bureaucrats charged with our national security.

But reading the tawdry gossip which represents most of these messages leaked reveals something else.  We’ve suspected this unspoken truth for quite a while and now we know, the world’s leaders delight in publicly criticizing the US but secretly they plead for help, will propose the most audacious actions, and would slit the throats of their own grandmothers to stay in power.

The good news of the Wikileaks is that the US still have influence in the world, the question being posed to the Administration as a result of the leaks is whether we still have the ‘testosterone’ to use it to our advantage—-or must we now embark on yet another apology tour for our sin of allowing this leak?


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