The California Results are In

Election officials finished counting the ballots in the remaining undecided contests and guess what?

Not a single incumbent was defeated in the election for Congress in California nor among major state office holders.  Resisting the tide of change California voters stuck with the people who brought them to the current party even as they sought to change the rules for hosting the next party.

It is tough to explain this outcome—maybe California voters were all too busy lined up at their nearest medical marijuana facility refilling their prescriptions to notice that the state is sinking in red ink and bad karma.

Jerry Brown is back but no one can figure out why he or anyone else would want the governor’s job staring a $20 billion state deficit and 12%+ unemployment rate.  Given the support of the public employee unions that helped him defeat Meg Whitman the prospects of real change are small in the major cost areas affecting the state budget.

The loss of the US House of Representatives to the Republicans also means California can kiss goodbye prospects of a Federal bailout.  But the outcome does give President Obama hope for his reelection chances in 2012—at least California still loves him.

And then there is this:

Kamila Harris the District Attorney of San Francisco was declared winner of the race to be State Attorney General defeating LA County DA Cooley.  She will be the first woman to hold that post except she has one of the worst conviction rates among the big city prosecutors and she refused to ever bring a death penalty case to court.

And San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is now the Lt Governor-elect understudy to former Oakland mayor Jerry Brown and heir apparent—or should we call him California’s Prince of Wails?

Oh and I almost forgot—-despite the failure of Proposition 19 to legalize pot possession Oakland is preparing to usher in the new year with actions to authorize as many as five “pot factories”—IKEA sized facilities designed to produce the product for the medical marijuana clinics which the City plans to’ tax to the buds’ to help close its financial gap.

You won’t need to smoke anything illegal in California—just drive around Oakland!

Far out!


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