Countdown to Cancun


Remember last year at this time the world was in frenzy over the upcoming Copenhagen conference on climate change.  It was a ‘save the world’ kind of thrill running up the leg of most of the delegates.  Expectations were high that the United State under new President Barack Obama would join the party and commit to a giant transfer of wealth and technology from the developed world to the developing world.

“Pay me big time or I will emit again!”

Well, Copenhagen didn’t quite work out that way thankfully.  Not for lack of trying or perhaps even the willingness of the United States and the EU to craft some compromise, but because China and other fast growing countries were unwilling to subject themselves to the same constraints they sought to impose on the developed world.  Seeing the ruse staring them in the face, the developed countries said no.

But now a year has passed and the hype is not quite the same, but the global warming crowd is again trying to create the same drama surrounding the Cancun conference.  China is playing its part:

“Senior Chinese officials said on Tuesday that next week’s climate talks in Cancún, Mexico, would succeed only if the West agreed to transfer technology to developing countries like China and to take the lead in cutting emissions.” New York Times, November 23, 2010


Only this time the world isn’t buying it.


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