2010 Election Memos from California Voters

The voters of California did not pile on the anti-Obama rally that swept the rest of the country and remain true blue the day after.  But there are several terse memos being sent by voters as a result of the mid-term elections:

Memos to Silicon Valley:

  • Governor of California is not an eBay auction item. Meg, spending $140 million of your own money is not going to get you elected Governor.
  • We’re rejecting Prop 24 to take away tax breaks for business because we want you to create jobs not send more of them to China or India —get the message?
  • We’re still green but not suicidal so we’ll keep the AB32 shuck and jive a while longer by rejecting Prop23 (Yes 39%/ No 61%) BUT we are approving Prop 26 reclassifying impact fees as “taxes” and requiring a 2/3 vote (Yes52%/ No 47%) so don’t think you can pile on ‘carbon administrative fees’ without a fight.  We may be green but we are not suicidal!
  • Parks are nice but. We love our state parks but we’ve told you before keep your hands off the vehicle license registration fee—it is not a Xmas tree you can add revue grabbing ornaments to because you don’t have the guts to make tough budget decisions.  So we’re rejecting Proposition 21 to add parks fee to vehicle registration cost (Yes42%/No 57%).

Memos to Congress:

  • Barbara, you are not a very good senator but Carly outsourced 30,000 HP jobs to China so you are dodging this bullet but don’t consider this a good performance report.
  • Nancy, they may still love you in San Francisco but you blew it big time so you are out as Speaker so give back the keys to that private jet.
  • A pox on all your districts, all of you are now on probation because we, the voters, are approving Prop 20 and rejecting Prop 27 thus stripping the State Legislature of the authority to reapportion Congressional seats and are assigning it to the independent redistricting commission.  We expect to see real roller derby competition in future elections so you better make us happier.

Memos to State Legislature:

  • Balance the Budget the Old Fashioned Way—and we mean it! We’re approving Prop. 22 meaning you lawmakers will no longer be able to dip into local funds to solve state budget problems.
  • Who is accountable for this budget mess? We’re approving Proposition 25 removing the 2/3 vote required to pass the state budget for two reasons.  We’re tired of the minority holding up the majority from passing a budget on time by playing games.  And we want to hold the majority responsible for passing a balanced budget and living with the consequences.  So get your job done and quit messing with us.
  • Forgetaboutit! You can forget proposition 27 to eliminate the new independent redistricting commission we approved last election.  What part of ‘hell no’ don’t you understand.  We’re also stripping you of the power to reapportion Congressional districts too by approving Prop 20.

Memo to Druggies and Old Hippies

  • What are you potheads smoking? OK we admit we inhaled a time or two but you have got to be kidding if you think we’re going to legalize drugs even marijuana and bring the Feds down on us.  Mostly, this is just not a good example to set for our kids. Yes we know the prices will come down, tax revenues will go up and we will hurt the gang drug profits badly but Oaksterdam is too much, too soon.

So what?

This morning in California it feels a little like we’re emerging from an episode of the TV show Fringe where the characters flash from one universe to another battling each other.

While San Francisco will welcome home the World Series Champion Giants with a parade, in some ways it is de ja vu all over again as Jerry Brown is again Governor but this time San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome is along for the ride as the natural inheritor of the Governor Moonbeam title in his election as Lt Governor. While the results are not final it appears that Democrats will sweep almost all the major state offices.

With a few notable exceptions Californians clung to familiar faces.  Senator Barbara Boxer seems to have survived the fight of her political life against Carly Fiorina who has yet to concede the race until the count is official.  Nancy Pelosi was easily reelected to Congress but lost her job as Speaker of the House.  My own Congressman Democrat Jerry McNerney appears to have lost his bid for re-election in one of the few competitive seats in the Golden state to a conservative GOP lawyer.

There are a lot of tea leaves being read today.

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