TEA Party Comes for GOP too!

While the politicians in Washington and elsewhere try to figure out what the TEA Party is and how it affects them, America seems to have already made its judgment. The answer:

Those TEA Party people are just like me!  And I’m mad as hell at the direction of the country too.

The Republicans in Congress hoped the TEA Party would help them swamp the Democrats boat and restore the Republican majority—-but they are learning the hard lesson that America often sees little difference between the two parties actual behavior once they are in the majority.

Election 2010 is one of those ‘a pox on both your houses’ near death experiences for both political parties as incumbents on both sides of the political aisle get washed overboard.  Democrats are getting fired for doing a bad job.  Republicans are getting fired for being too much like Democrats.

Thomas Jefferson must be cheering from his grave over this glorious rebellion.

But the GOP brass in Washington reacted to Christine O’Donnell’s defeat of long time Delaware pol Mike Castle with shock and shot back—don’t count on any help from us, sister!  They call her a flaky candidate who cannot win—and worse risk the Republican win they expected from Castle to help take control of the Senate.

There is one problem with the GOP logic.  O’Donnell beat Castle 53% to 47% for the Republican nomination for the Senate seat once held by Vice President Joe Biden. Castle’s problem with the voters of very blue Delaware was he voted for almost all of the Obama agenda the TEA Party members are railing about including ObamaCare and Stimulus programs.


If The Democrats agenda can’t win in deep blue Delaware they are in deep, deep trouble.  And Castle got “fired” by Delaware Republicans because he behaved too much like the Democrats they are disgusted with and voted for their agenda.

So what?

Panic has set in not just on the Democrat side of the aisle but the GOP side too.  The prospects of cheering crowds sweeping the good ole boys of the GOP back into power are giving way to the cold, stark reality that the young guns are at the door and the TEA Party faithful are right behind them locked and loaded to take back the country.

Call it a generational change, call it a rebellion, call it a great awakening—-the President’s bluff has been called and he has thrown away his aces in an audacious gamble that is failing.  Maybe the President hopes that if he loses Congress to the good old boys of the GOP in 2010 he could blame them in 2012.  But the independents that supported him in 2008 are moving in droves to the TEA Party.

The risk to the nation is that at a time when we crave stability and adult leadership we might just get angry, impassioned, but inexperienced leaders in Congress who act first and think about the consequences later.  Or we could get good old Main Street business people who know how to make payroll, live within the budget, read the bills they are asked to consider BEFORE they vote on them, make common sense decisions to serve their Country then go home to go back to work.

What a concept!

Scenario Signpost:  RELOAD

This is a signpost for the Reload: America’s New Industrial Revolution Scenario.  The plot line of that scenario is a major swing in electoral focus toward restoring America’s economy and job creating potential by reindustrializing the US and expanding domestic energy production to support it.



  1. “Castle’s problem with the voters of very blue Delaware was he voted for almost all of the Obama agenda the TEA Party members are railing about including TARP, ObamaCare and Stimulus programs.”

    hmmm, i seem to recall TARP being enacted during the Bush adminstration…

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